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We create the system that supports your Transfer Pricing reporting

Simplify your Transfer Pricing documentation

If your company have activities in several countries it is important that you can present accurate documentation explaining the transactions across departments and borders.

The documentation task can be heavy and resource demanding especially when having lots of transactions and departments in and across different countries. Whether you have a simple or complex company, by the end of the year, you often end up having several thousand pages of documentation, which can be a very difficult task to keep track of.

Regardless of whether your Transfer Pricing documentation is built centrally or decentralized, it requires a very special discipline to get all the documentation in place on time and to ensure that the company is at the forefront of any given issue.

If your company is not in compliance with local authority requirements, it will be an expensive affair that may also have a negative effect on the companys image.

Therefor, in corporation with Tempus Serva we have created a system that allows you to gather and streamline your documentation in one setup, which leads to more control as well as a new and improved overview of the companys Transfer Pricing.


Get faster compliant with local authority requirements

Through the system users in every country that your company is represented in get access to reporting of documentation via templates.

The defined workflows secures that all documentation from whatever source gets collected in one format compliant with local authority requirements.

If your division of labor is decentralized and if you have several tax departments working with Transfer Pricing, your local documentation will automatically be collected and stored as anyone fill out the templates. In this way you will save money, time and a lot of coordination work.

The integrated layers of communication and workflows secures that the employee working with local Transfer Pricing can focus on relevant conditions in stead of using 90% of the time on general descriptions of master data or transaction data that are already given in advance.

The structure of the system supports the OECD’s Transfer Pricing Guideline, but can of course be adjusted to your needs.


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We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

Case – LEO Pharma


The solution

In corporation with Tempus Serva we have created a system that provides an overview and secures that all necessary information and documentation get collected and presented correctly.

This solution is tailored to LEO Pharma why only relevant information is processed.



The solution has provided big savings for LEO Pharma. The setup of the system took about 100 hours and now works impeccably.

The interface allows LEO Pharmas own people to adjust the setup as the authorities requirements change or expand. This elasticity helps to future-proof the solution.


Statement from Cian Desmond, Group Tax Manager, LEO Pharma

“The system has simplified our work with Transfer Pricing. Previously we did our Transfer Pricing work from approximately 50 different locations all over the world but with the centralization we have saved a lot of time.

Before choosing CapWorks and Tempus Servas solution we did a lot of research in the field, but this was the only solution allowing the adjustments we needed.”

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We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.


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