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System integrations

We create the connection between your company and the systems you use

What is the point of having the right systems if they do not connect?


We all wish to have an application targeting the specific task and not just a solution managing all work tasks using the same user interface and custom business logic.

The best of breed-logic focusing on sub-elements instead of the big picture (wall to wall solutions) is therefor the most optimal solution for many companies.

Too many companies find themselves burdened by clumsy manual processes wherein data is transferred between various systems through manual data entry, copy/paste, Excel sheets, etc.

Often, huge administration sums can be saved by automating such data transfers – and your employees are freed up to perform more meaningful tasks which both provide greater value to the company and make their jobs more fun.

Non-binding meeting?

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your companys needs as our starting point.

CapSync: Automatic integration with all relevant ERP systems

With our new product CapSync, you as an application owner avoids having to know and relate to a lot of ERP systems and their dark corners. We got that covered.

CapSync is both free and completely invisible to your customers, as to not create confusion about the integrations and who they belong to.

You save a lot of valuable time on not having to build and maintain integrations to your solutions. Thus, you have more time to expand and get in contact with your customers.

When you choose CapSync, you are not bound by any marketing agreements. Therefore, you are free to make use of app marketplaces of other ERP systems.

In need of an integration?

If you on this page do not find the integration you where looking for, do not despair. The integrations below are just a sample of the platforms we have previously helped our customers integrate into.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.

CapWorks has integration solutions “ready on the shelf” for a lot of the systems we frequently work with. If you use a system that we are not familiar with, our skilled developers can quickly uncover the possibilities for getting an integration up and running. No matter the challenge, the solution can of course be adapted to your workflows and requirements.


WorkBook - Deltek logo

The ERP-system (Enterprise Resource Planning) for companies that sell hours. In the system you can compare information across your business, thus creating a unique management tool.

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Pleo is a company card solution that manages your expense reports and makes it easier to handle your companys expenses. Get a complete overview of your expenses, get rid of paperwork and ease your employees workload.

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Uniconta is an intuitive economy system that meets all the needs of bookkeeping, order- and inventory management, logistics, CRM and projects. The features provide a complete overview of the companys economy and can help make the company more efficient and profitable.

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e-conomic is an online accounting program. In addition to regular bookkeeping and billing, you also get access to a wide range of features and extensions that can optimize your daily administration and increase your revenue.

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If you are new to accounting Dinero is the perfect match. To make and send the first invoice take only 2 minutes. Everyone can do it simple and elegant. Get a good overview of your invoices, purchases, VAT, etc.

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Billy offers a user-friendly accounting program for entrepreneurs who want a simple financial overview. With Billy you get a good start in your new company and it saves you a lot of time.

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Gratisal makes payroll administration and processing easy and accessible to all. When choosing Gratisal you receive a complete payroll system with automatic reportings to SKAT, vacation accounts and ATP through eIndkomst.

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Toolpack365 is a solution made for your companys financial function and management. The tool combines a centralized and structured database that offers the best analysis and presentation tools.


Bilagscan automatically reads all relevant information from attachments or receipts regardless of format and sends it via API to ERP. With Bilagscan you save both time and money managing multiple customers accounting materials.


Dynamics NAV is an ERP-solution that is easily adaptable and helps small and medium size companies automate and create links between sales, procurement, operations, accounting and inventory management.


With QuickBooks online software, billing and bookkeeping is an easy task. The system provides you with the necessary features usable when running a small business.

Non-binding meeting?

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your companys needs as our starting point.

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