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Makes it easier to manage your company’s expenses

Tired of boring paperwork and crumpled receipts?

With a Pleo company card you will easily and quickly get an overview of your expenses. By using Pleo you get rid of boring paperwork and in addition you facilitate your employees workload. Pleo collects and controls the companys expenses in real time, cuts down on manual processes and simplifies the bookkeeping.

Pleo is suitable for dynamic companies that support an efficient and decentralized procurement function.

By using the Pleo app you can register receipts and categorize expenses. When an employee pays with the Pleo-mastercard the app registers the transaction right away and asks for the employee to upload a picture of the receipt into the app.

Pleo then registers the receipt through the phone camera, automatically categorizes the expense and eliminates manual expense reporting.


Integration into Pleo

We have created an integration solution to Pleo, which allows your economy system and Pleo to cooperate.

When you take a picture of the receipt using the Pleo app it will automatically transfer into your economy system. Your finance officer then only has to work in one application.



Non-binding meeting? 

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your companys needs as our starting point.

Pleos functions and advantages


An intuitive payment card

The Pleo mastercard is available in both virtual and physical editions with the option of individual spending limits allowing you to maintain control.


Automated matches

Pleo categorizes the purchase and matches it with the right receipt, person and department and therefore you don’t have to worry about paperwork and expense reports.


Expenses in real time

Using the app you get a direct insight into purchases and costs, so you will avoid going over budget. The real time function keeps you updated on all company expenses.


Easy integration

Synchronize Pleo with your finance and accounting system to avoid manual processes.


Productive employees

Allowing the Pleo-card solution shows confidence in your employees why they will feel more motivated. While you get rid of expense reports they avoid paying off their own pockets.


Quick setup

You can easily and quickly setup your Pleo account while keeping your own bank account. Pleo also monitors and prevents suspicious purchases.

Non-binding meeting?

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your companys needs as our starting point.


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