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Payroll administration

We step in on short notice when you need assistance in your payroll administration for a shorter- or longer period.

Do you need help in your payroll administration?

If you’re considering outsourcing your payroll administration, or have a need for assistance in you payroll – be it for optimizing or relieving the department – CapWorks can step in.

In CapWorks we offer 3 types of services in payroll administration:

  • Assistance and support for your payroll administration, including help with for example typing work or other more or less complex tasks in the payroll.
  • Outsourcing of your payroll administration, in which we take care of the entire payroll for you. This can be done on your current system or on one of our licenses.
  • Optimization of your payroll administration, in which we for example help you with digitalization and automation of many of the heavy and manual tasks in the payroll.


How much will it cost?

Prices are according to the size of your business and the complexity of the assignment. An example of a price for outsourcing could be as follows:

– In a business with between 10 and 500 employees the price will start at DKK 75 per payslip as well as per hiring and severance.

If you want assistance in your payroll administration on an hourly basis, check prices for our consultants and bookkeepers. The choice of employee depends on the complexity of the task. We recommend that you always contact us first. We’ll find the right solution for your needs and budget.
Read more about what we offer below.

Non-binding meeting?


We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

Experts in payroll administration

We’re experts in payroll, rules and laws for both small and large companies and for all industries. We adapt our experience in payroll administration to the needs in your business. CapWorks can help you with:

  • Payroll, tax, pension and holiday pay as well as bookkeeping in your payroll system
  • Streamlining of data acquisition
  • Restructuring of procedures and ideal use of systems
  • Handling and maintenance of payroll- and employee data

Automation of processes

Lots of payroll processes can be optimized, and thereby save you time and heighten the quality. We can help with automation and adjustment of these processes.

  • General process improvement and optimization of time- and absence management
  • Payroll division
  • Refund- and grants administration
  • Quality assurance and finance- and business control of payroll related items


In CapWorks we specialize in payroll bookkeeping, and we are familiar in most systems including:

Gratisal, Dataløn, Epos, SAP, Lessor, Visma Løn and Danløn.

If you don’t use one of the above systems, there’s no need to despair. CapWorks draws on a unique network of bookkeepers and freelance payroll specialists, so we can quickly find a consultant that suits your needs.

International payroll

CapWorks helps several international businesses with payroll.

Whether you just have a few employees in a couple of countries or operate as a global company with 100.000 employees, CapWorks can fit a transparent model. This will give your business the best opportunity to support both decentralized administration and structure in shared services centers.

Transparency and collaboration creates quality

In CapWorks you gain a team of payroll bookkeepers, developers and integration specialists, that will give you the freedom to find the right model for you.

At the same time we give you the security and knowledge base a payroll needs.

It’s our experience that a payroll can often be improved significantly by implementing new solutions or ensure a more automated handling of data.

The result is often time savings between 25-75%, significantly less errors on payslips and hereby more satisfied employees.

Payroll data is often a ”black box”, given that payroll controlling is often limited in businesses today.

This results in a limited focus on for example development in absence, employee turnaround speed, salary development, salary budgets, skill management etc., which are all valuable data for a proactive business.

3 reasons for outsourcing your payroll administration

1. Your payroll administration will be handled by experts: Payroll is a complex field, that demands a certain professional weight. Our bookkeepers spend every day improving their skills within the field even more, so they can manage your payroll in the best way possible.

2. You get space to focus on your core business: By choosing outsourcing you will gain time, that you can space where you’re best. We will make sure your payroll gets to the finish line safely and on time.

3. You save money: When our experts are handling your payroll they will always optimize your administrative processes as much as possible. When these are optimized the payroll will be quicker than usual, which means you save more money.

Call us for a non-binding meeting

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

In consultation with you, we will easily find the right interim management ressource to cover the position.

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