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Payroll administrators

Thinking about outsourcing your payroll administration? In need of assistance optimising your payroll department – or offloading your current workload?

CapWorks is here to help.

With CapWorks, you get a team of payroll consultants, programmers and integration specialists who can offer you the freedom to find the right model for your company, while also giving you the security and knowledge base that any payroll department needs.
It is our experience that payroll administration can often be optimised considerably by introducing the latest solutions, or ensuring a more automated management of payroll data. The result is often time savings of between 25-75%, significantly fewer payslip errors and more satisifed employees.

Payroll data is also often a “black box”, as there is normally limited payroll controlling in companies today. This results in a limited focus on areas such as absenteeism trends, employee turnover speed, payroll development, payroll budgets, skill management, and other areas which yield valuable data in proactive companies.

Are you looking for a sounding board or a permanent partner for the management of your payroll administration? Or a payroll accountant with specialised knowledge of payroll programs such as Gratisal, Danløn, Epos, Lessor, Dataløn, Multilønerhverv/MLE and SLP for a temporary assignment? Get in touch today using the link to the right.

Non-binding meeting?

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

In consultation with you, we will easily find the right expert to take care of your financial statements, invoicing or tax and VAT.


Experts in payroll administration

We are experts when it comes to salaries, regulations and legislation for both smaller and larger companies in all sectors. We adapt our experience within payroll administration to the needs of your company.


  • Streamlining and improvement of data acquisition
  • Reorganization of procedure
  • Optimal use of systems
  • Lower costs
  • Managing of payroll and personal data
  • Payroll, tax, pension and holiday pay
  • Posting in your payroll system

Automation of processes

Many payroll processes can be optimised, thereby saving you time and raising quality. We can help you with the automation and adjustment of the following processes:


  • Time and absence management
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Reimbursement and subsidy administration
  • Quality assurance
  • Finance and business control of payroll-related items
  • Process optimisation

Payroll administration solution


We adapt the solution to your needs, regardless as to whether we are taking on your entire payroll administration, salary posts or payroll outsourcing, making sure that the solution covers the areas that fit your business.

We can take on payroll administration for all company types of any size – even at short notice.

Are you looking for a sounding board or a solid partner for the management of your payroll function or for a temporary task?

We have specialists who work with payroll bookkeeping in Gratisal, Dataløn, Epos, SAP, Lessor, Multilønerhverv/MLE and Danløn.


Online salary system as web application


Developed for small and medium sized companies 


Flexible salary system


Business solutions and advanced software solutions 

Lessor løn

Salary, HR, time management

Multiløn erhverv/MLE

Online solution for larger companies


Payroll system for smaller companies

Payroll outsourcing


We offer 3 options for payroll outsourcing:

  • We handle payroll administration using either your existing system or on one of our licences
  • We can either perform the task at your premises or centrally from our payroll team
  • We can offer a classic payroll outsourcing solution with a sharp OP. Here you are, even for data base and we handle payroll issues

Our recommendation when it comes to payroll outsourcing is that we come in either as a team or as individual consultants through resource sharing. This avoids any overlapping functions, and we can ensure speedy response times and significantly reduced error risks.

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Complete Payroll Administration

  • Payslips and the management of payments to employees covering salaries, tax, pension and holiday pay..
  • Collection of payroll and personal data and management of input and output data.
  • TTime and absence management, including sick leave and records of holiday leave.
  • Integrations into your financial management and posting file to the chart of accounts.
  • Reimbursement and subsidy administration, if you have employees with sick pay, flexitime or maternity leave.
  • Effective management of periodic salary reconciliations.
  • We can use all standard payroll systems and can also offer our own payroll system.

Consultancy and management

  • We regularly perform quality assurance tests to guarantee that your payroll and personal data is being handled optimally and securely.
  • We take care of financial management and the analysis of payroll administration.
  • We involve your company’s personnel policies and agreements.
  • We give you advice on your opportunities and solutions.

Call us for a non-binding meeting

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

In consultation with you, we will easily find the right interim management ressource to cover the position.

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