Interim Assistance

Interim Assistance

When you are in need of assistance from specialists, middle managers or from higher positions

Extra skills and resources within your economy function


The ever-increasing requirements for both reporting, efficiency, management and communication require effective managers.

When needing a leader or when undergoing major changes interim assistance can provide your company with resources and additional skill sets.

CapWorks is a permanent supplier of Interim Assistance and Change Management services to Danish companies as well as public organizations. Using our consultants, account managers and CFOs in your company, you get competent leaders with strong professional and personal skills that meet deadlines and do not waste any time.

Our interim assistance is often used when a company needs a short-term or long-term job recruitment. In case of rationalization, internationalization, due diligence, buying and selling of businesses, when switching to new systems, or when a manager is to be released for other tasks and whenever you need an employee in the organization our interim assistance can be of great help.


Interim news: News candidates every month

If you don’t have an acute need of assistance you can make use of our new service; Interim news. Here you will be presented with four relevant and industry specific candidates. Maybe one of them will be your new consultant.

It’s free and non-binding to use the service, and you will gain unique insight into the types of interim-consultant, that are on the market. If a given consultant takes your interest, you can express this with just a click, and we will facilitate the contact.

The consultants have already been screened, so soon after the mail lands in your inbox you will be able to make use of a new consultant.

To get started, all you have to do is sign up via the form to the right. After that you’ll receive a welcome message, in which you have to fill out some information about your company and your possible needs. This information is used to tailor the best interim news for you.

Non-binding meeting?

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

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Are you in need of an interim CFO or a financial manager who can lead the company safely through a change process or run the finance function until a more permanently solution is found?

At CapWorks we draw on a unique Danish network that can help your company find the right CFO-solution.

In addition to solid experience with business development and financial management, our executives always have a good digital understanding and possess a solid insight into how to create the link between economics and technology. In addition, they are good communicators who all acknowledge that a value-creating finance function, among other things, is based on ongoing communication to the rest of the organization and its environment.

Chief Accountant

Are you in need of an account manager who can enter the organization with short notice and deliver valuable operational analysis and reports?

At CapWorks we can provide your financial department with resources and the right amount of experience.

We draw on a unique Danish network and our account managers are all updated on the latest legislation and they all possess the overview and management skills to carry out the position temporarily or over longer periods at a fixed low hourly rate.


Are you in need of qualified sparring about your financial function, or do you need a specialist who can optimize your use of Excel?

We provide controllers and specialists to some of Denmarks largest companies, and we can provide the best resources for your finance function as well at short notice.

Our specialists are all strong communicators. Therefore, they can provide training for new as well as current employees, thus ensuring that the specialized knowledge remains in the organization after the termination of the agreement.

Running a smaller business?

Do you run a smaller business that doesn’t need a CFO nor an Excel-specialist, but instead you need specific sparring and assistance concerning subjects such as financial statements and tax returns?

In that case it can be relevant to get a hold of one of our competent bookkeepers or accounting staff.

We often help owners of smaller bussineses with an overview of their economy and assistance in daily administrative tasks. We do this at a steady low hourly rate, and we come on short notice if needed. With our assistance you can focus on evolving and run your business, while keeping your costs low.

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