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Customised IT solutions

Intelligent digital solutions for your system challenges

If the perfect system for your business does not exist – then we will build it!

When off-the-shelf solutions can’t do the job, CapWorks’ talented development consultants step in. Instead of forcing a standard system over the head of your unique set-up, we build a whole new solution that fits perfectly. Your needs and requests are what drive us forward.

Our ambition is to deliver you a solution that you could not even have imagined yourself. You do not need to have a complete set of requirement specifications or even any kind of ideas as to how your challenges should be solved. We will have an in-depth dialogue with you where we will analyze your business processes and understand your challenges before suggesting concrete solutions based on that background.

You will of course be involved throughout the whole process from start to finish – and we are very agile in our approach, so there will be space for you to learn along the way.

We take pride in the fact that we offer highly qualified consultants who are not only able to get to grips with your processes and workflows and suggest solutions, but who can also translate these into code. With us, the primary consultant and the lead programmer are always one and the same person. This ensures that no information gets lost when ideas are being translated into technical realities – and it ensures a greater degree of efficiency during the development process.

We take care of the entire process – from identifying the requirements, design and planning, execution and testing to the final launch of your solution. It all takes place based on an in-depth and ongoing dialogue where your reality as users is constantly the focus point.

We speak plainly, and do not hide behind incomprehensible technical terms. If you do not understand what we are trying to say, the fault is ours.


Non-binding meeting?


We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.


Our technical specialties

  • Designing advanced data structures
  • Overall software architecture
  • Translating complex business logic into code
  • Open (but secure) REST based web APIs
  • Modern web applications that works on all newer browsers and devices
  • Integrations between systems

Our tool box is extremely comprehensive, and we are continuously learning new things. Here, however, are the most important technologies:

  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • Entity Framework
  • Azure
  • AngularJs
  • TypeScript
  • Cross-platform mobile apps
  • Responsive design with CSS/LESS
  • Git

Our soft skills

  • Understanding of complex business logic and workflows
  • Focusing on the customers’/users’ reality
  • An eye for the whole picture
  • Agile development with ongoing mutual feedback
  • You are in a direct dialogue with the responsible developer
  • Full transparency throughout the entire process

Our team has worked with the following, and many more, value-creating solutions:

SOSU-C Course Administration

Website for showing course data. Integrates with the customer’s Umbraco solution.

MyEducation web portal

Portal for signing up and management of foreign exchange student programmes for young people.

eGiss B2B portal

The sales platform intended for customised hardware solutions for large companies.


Innovative and user-friendly payroll system with over 1,700 companies signed up. Integrates with a number of ERP and financial management systems, including E-conomic.


System for the automation of NAV installations in Azure, administered via a web portal.

Exchange Service Portal (Aarhus Municipalty)

Web portal for the management of Exchange/O365 users, licences, mail boxes, etc., designed for enterprise customers that have tens of thousands of users.

IDEA (Bimco Informatique)

Software for the management of revisions and corrections, in connection with Contract negotiations

MiiPlatform (Toolpack Online)

Integrations with a number of different financial management systems. Data is retrieved, transformed and stored in a central database where they subsequently form the data basis for Toolpack’s Business Intelligence solution.

CHIPP – Chas.Hude Intellectual Property Portal

Web portal that shows the status and progress of applications for patents, trademarks, etc. Integrates with Chas. Hudes Sitecore solution.

Call us for a non-binding meeting

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

In consultation with you, we will easily find the right interim management ressource to cover the position.

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