About CapWorks, the partners, and the way we see our employees

About CapWorks

– a powerful alternative to the large consulting firms

CapWorks has been created as a powerful alternative to the large consulting firms. We have specialised ourselves in:

  • Outsourcing of administrative processes
  • Interim assistance
  • Administrative technical solutions

Employment growth

CapWorks was founded in 2010 and today it employees 30 permanent staff and freelancers. We have grown by 10 employees in the last year, and we are expecting an ongoing strong growth in our employment in the years ahead.
Additionally, we have a number of permanent business partners and external competencies that we can draw upon when solving special tasks require additional expertise.

Competitive prices

We have deliberately chosen to have low fixed costs so that we can ensure competitive prices for our competencies. This provides better opportunities to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Customer variation

Our customer portfolio spans from small companies to C20 companies. Over 75% of our activity comes from permanent agreements and software licenses.

Borsen Gazelle prize winner

The last four years we have seen a steep growth curve, and therefore we are Borsen Gazelle prize winners this year. This is a title that we are very proud of, because it also shows that we are in touch with our customers’ needs.

Non-binding meeting?


We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

Frants Moraitis: Life is full of choices

CEO and partner

After 7 years at KPMG, curiosity was weighted higher than a permanent job and an entrepreneurial career – and thus a continuous series of choices to be made – took off.

At the early age of 27, I sold my first company, Exsis Network, to KPMG. Since then, I have been involved in a number of start-up companies, ranging from photovoltaic project companies, shopping portals and software for the graphics industry, creditor work flow, payroll software, outsourcing and consultancy work and also finding my business legs in large organisations. This has provided me with a broad knowledge of market forces, innovation, business development in growth-driven companies and how to navigate in the market.

From 2004-2009, I was a partner at PwCs’ CAS department, which grew from 14 employees to 225 over 4 years, and then subsequently faced cutbacks when the crisis hit in 2008/2009.

My business career has provided me with the opportunities to immerse myself in creating practical solutions that can be executed based on the competencies and resources available. At CapWorks, we have therefore decided that our mix of competencies must reflect the philosophy that good ideas need to be able to be implemented, and that we should not only act as consultants in this regard.

My everyday life is still full of choices – and ideas for how organisations and systems can be optimised to reflect the actual needs.

Daniel Đỗ Binau: The code behind everything we work with

CTO and partner

There is always an IT solution. That is my starting point, and what I am passionate about. Therefore, I have been working in many roles “behind the screen”: software designer, developer, project manager and database administrator. It has provided me with insight into how the various layers are connected, and not least, how I communicate with both developers and users.

As we say, I speak both Danish, English, C# and SQL, and I spend time immersing myself in getting to know the reality and needs of the users before I translate it into code.

At CapWorks’ IT department, I am responsible for a team where everyone works quickly and efficiently, but where no one compromises on either quality or thoroughness.

Call us for a non-binding meeting

We are always available for a non-binding meeting or conference call, where we take your company’s needs as our starting point.

In consultation with you, we will easily find the right interim management ressource to cover the position.

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